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(Update July 2019): I am currently not taking new therapy clients. Please contact me about scheduling psychological and psychoeducational evaluations and parent consultations.

Welcome to the Center for Mindful Development, a practice dedicated to providing comprehensive psychological and educational evaluation, consultation and therapy to children, adolescents and their families. My practice is positive, supportive, and centered around the needs of the child, adolescent and family, specializing in the needs of individuals with developmental disabilities.

Mindfulness education is another component of my practice. I offer mindful parenting classes, sessions to individuals - parents, children and adolescents - as well as to schools and businesses. I look forward to seeing how I can meet your needs.


Evaluation is conducted for two purposes: to learn about client strengths and to learn about why clients are experiencing problems or distress in school or in other areas of life.

Understanding client strengths enables parents, teachers and other care providers to collaborate while building upon those strengths. Often these strengths are internal (e.g., being good at music, art or dance or being compassionate, a leader) but they may also be external (e.g., a close-knit family system, a supportive teacher). 

It is through mindful, careful exploration that I assess a client's problems to learn more about the roots of difficulties and ultimately provide better guidance for intervention. 

The evaluation process typically begins with a conversation with the client's parents (or the client) to learn what types of assessment are best for addressing the current needs. Before formal testing begins, I will share my evaluation plan so that all parties feel that we have identified the highest areas of need. An important component of the evaluation process for me is to do an observation of the child in his or her classroom, especially when learning and attention difficulties are evident. Details about cost are found in my policies

The evaluation process typically begins with a conversation with the client’s parents (or the client) to learn what types of assessments are best for addressing the current needs.

I provide evaluation of new difficulties in children and adolescents such as:

  • Learning in school
  • Performing poorly in school  
  • Sustaining attention or staying focused on tasks
  • Managing behavior in different settings
  • Navigating social experiences
  • Meeting developmental milestones

Deeper evaluation of longstanding problems or existing diagnoses associated with: 

  • Learning Disabilities
  • Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (AD/HD)
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder

In addition, I provide the following standard assessment services:

  • Early Kindergarten Entry
  • Independent Educational Evaluation

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